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Pagos PSE

The stories of our entrepreneurs express their great perseverance. It is them who drive us to guide their footsteps, supporting them in creating large business projects that transform the quality of their life.


Auralac developed with intuition and passion, but it has grown with Interactuar. They came to stay and gave us the boost that has kept us up.


Many decisions that have been fundamental in the history of Dibtec came from Interactuar. Your advice has helped us grow in a much more organized matter.

Frutos de la Loma

Frutos de la Loma changed our life, it has taught us that we must believe in dreams because what we have today is what we envisioned when we were starting


Interactuar is support, is making dreams come true. Without Interactuar, I would have given up the support, human quality, training.

Flores del Bosque

Since this started, we have learned a lot of things; I've grown as a person and as a businessman by experiencing credits and counseling

Conservas D´Fruta

I couldn’t speak about Conservas D’fruta if it wasn’t for Interactuar, thanks to them I can tell this story today, they helped me overcome obstacles and I managed to develop this business


I am very proud to be able to serve the society and I will feel even more proud when my company will grow and have 30 or 40 employees.

Finca La Campiña

Being a farmer is a pride. Interactuar gave me hope and taught me how to turn my farm into a company (business?).

Confecciones Kanluma

The love for my family motivated me to create a business and to make clothing a lifestyle.


These are difficult times, we have to be creative to advance. Interactuar is one of those corporations that move forward along with the needs of the country, a very important fact in building a good future.

Chamber of Commerce of Medellín

Interactuar will continue to consolidate as a key player in the institutional system of business development, as it builds a bridge between companies in the base of the business pyramid and the ones on a more formal level