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Pagos PSE

The following social projects aim to support micro-entrepreneurs living in Medellín who face social, economic and psychological barriers on a daily basis.  In order to connect contributors worldwide who want to give back to society with the poor population in Colombia, we created Together for Colombia, a Crowdfunding campaign meant to rise awareness on the social an economic reality of this country and involve the international community in changing it to the better.

 The campaign empowers people from Colombia living in poverty to overcome their current social and economic situation through supporting their family businesses and provide the needed resources to the community they live in.

 You can support the social projects through donations on the GlobalGiving platform, or the individual stories through lending on the Kiva platform.

A new beginning for 61 families in Colombia

Between 1996 and 2005 war caused a massive displacement of 4,252 families of farmers to Medellín, so they had to leave their homes in Eastern Antioquia in order to survive. By 2014, 61 families have returned to their homeland and started their lives from scratch. The project will bring 5 leaders from Los Medios village the opportunity to gain administrative knowledge and will enhance the main business that brings income to the people living there – panela production - thus help them develop their entire community through joint work.

Transform The Lives Of 5 Entrepreneurs In Colombia

Envisioning a better future, entrepreneurs with disabilities in Medellin are determined to make a living by running their own business. The project aims to reinforce the personal and professional development of 5 entrepreneurs with disabilities, providing them qualified training and support to develop their business in the appropriate way. It will also guide them on their way to social inclusion and support for their own families.

Bringing hope to 10 families in Medellín

Residents of Comuna 13 in Medellín have survived to the crossed fire between illegals and the authorities that took place for decades. This level of confrontation has limited the economic development of the population, and it has not let them overcome poverty. The project will allow 10 entrepreneurs to gain administrative and marketing skills and become social and economic leaders, thus to contribute to the identification and development of the market opportunities in the neighborhood they live in.

Kiva Stories

You can also support the social projects of Interactuar through lending money to business owners for them to be able to keep running their businesses. You can do this through Kiva, a peer-to-peer lending platform that we partnered with.


Auralac developed with intuition and passion, but it has grown with Interactuar. They came to stay and gave us the boost that has kept us up.