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News: Opportunities for Life Program

Interactuar Corporation is running together with the Municipality of Medellín, a project whose goal is to promote in the territories the economic growth with formalized, profitable, self-sustainable, value-added MSMEs, that generate increased sales and decent employment for their people and that are innovative, creative or focused on technological development.

Thus, the Opportunities for Life program is structured as a contest for the city and specifically for the business community, which seeks to stimulate the adhesion of innovation, creativity and use of technology tools in good business practices for micro, small and medium enterprises in 8 municipalities and 2 villages of the city.

The contestants will go through an initial phase in which the state of the business and good corporate practices will be evaluated, and which will leave an estimated number of 200 shortlisted entrepreneurs. This group will receive support from expert consultants in generating business models. Winners will receive in-kind incentives for business improvement worth approximately 60 million, investment that will be determined according to the business model identified needs. This program aims to encourage entrepreneurs and to support them in consolidating their production units overtime.

The awards event will take place in September in Plaza Mayor, Medellín.


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