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Pagos PSE

National donations

Our intervention model transforms the economic and social reality of poor communities in Colombia. Besides top-notch execution, the efficiency of the mix between financial and business development services we offer also requires support for it to be delivered at a high level to micro-entrepreneurs. As a non-profit, Interactuar counts on strategic partnerships and support from change-driven individuals willing to get involved in charity.


Interactuar is able to provide its Colombian donors living in Colombia or abroad with donation certificates that can be used for tax exemption. You can support Interactuar to help Colombian micro-entrepreneurs overcome poverty by making an online donation. All you have to do is to press the ‘Donate’ button. You can send your gift from your debit card from any Colombian bank, through our website.


Your contribution allows Interactuar to fulfill its social commitment towards the Colombian community, by providing families with support to develop their businesses, thus overcome poverty and gain a better quality of life. Here is what impact your gift can have on these families:



  • $ 20.000 will provide training logistics such as stocks for gastronomy courses, pencils or notebooks for Administrative classes and other materials.

  • $ 50.000 will provide a two hours consultancy session for one entrepreneur.

  • $ 100.000 will provide one entrepreneur with training in entrepreneurial mindset, creativity and innovation or finance for starting a business.

  • $ 200.000 will provide a design service for one business to enhance its brand identity such as logo, flyers, slogan, etc.

  • $ 1.000.000 will provide entrepreneurs in the food sector with guidance in the process to obtain the health certificate that allows them to commercialize their products on the formal market.


The love for my family motivated me to create a business and to make clothing a lifestyle.

Gladys Amparo González