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About us

About us


Empower micro-enterprises

We empower micro-enterprises to develop them into competitive production units, supporting employment and improving the quality of life of the entrepreneur and his family.



With the purpose of contributing to the reduction of poverty in Colombia, by 2020 Interactuar will have supported 400,000 microbusinesses, out of which 40,000 will experience a high positive change. This result will improve the quality of life of the families involved in the activity of the microenterprise.


International partners
  • International Development Bank IDB/FOMIN

  • ACTEC Foundation - Belgium

  • Diputación Foral de Bizkaia – Spain

  • Inter – American Foundation IAF – United States

  • The Resource Foundation – United States

  • Pfizer Foundation – United States

  • Give to Colombia - United States

  • Mainel – Spain


  • PRO.DO.C.S – Italy

  • Programa MIDAS – United States

  • Comunidad Valenciana – Spain

  • FEVES - Spain

  • Limmat Stiftung Foundation –Switzerland


  • MISEREOR - Germany

  • CODESPA – Spain

  • Inernational Solidarity – Spain

  • Manos Unidas – Spain

Our facilities

Our main offices are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to provide students, entrepreneurs and business owners with a distinctive experience in their learning process.

 Centro gastronomía

In our Gastronomy Center we provide our students with fully equipped kitchens and specialized classrooms for this discipline.

Centro empresarial

In the Julio Ernesto Urrea Business Centre we have about 15 classrooms and spaces available to provide technical expertise to students and customized counseling to our entrepreneurs and business owners.

Finally, the facilities in our headquarters include dairy, meat, bakery, fruits and vegetables processing, in addition to our Food Lab where we support entrepreneurs in this sector to ensure the quality and safety of their products.

Meet more of our offices and infrastructure by clicking here

  • The Corporation was born in 1983 under the name of Acción por Antioquia ACTUAR.

  • In times of unemployment and violence back in the 80s, the Corporation began offering small loans to male heads of household, for them to create small businesses that could generate income for their own and their families’ sustenance. Over the years with the experience gained, the Corporation created a comprehensive intervention model that was complemented by the Business Development Services package.

  • In more than 30 years of activity, more than USD$ 400 million have been disbursed for the creation and consolidation of microbusinesses.

  • In 2008, the name and corporate identity were renewed and turned from Actuar to Interactuar, maintaining the same mission and social vocation for the entrepreneurs of Antioquia and Colombia

  • Through focused efforts in guiding the micro entrepreneur and through its intervention model, Interactuar has supported more than 500,000 jobs since its founding.

Who we are

Infográfico interactuar

Where we are
  • In Antioquia we are present in more than 100 muncipalities out of 125
  • In Córdoba we have offices in Montería and Planeta Rica
  • In Caldas we have offices in Dorada
  • In Sucre we have offices in Sincelejo
  • From these offices, out of Antioquia department, we attend nearby municipalities to the respective departments.
National partners
  • Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá

  • Government of Antioquia

  • Medellín City Hall

  • Presidencia de la República

  • Bancoldex

  • Chamber of Commerce of Medellín for Antioquia

  • Comfama

  • Berta Martínez Foundation

  • Comfama

  • Fraternidad Medellín Foundation

  • Fundación Berta Martínez

  • Aurelio Llano Foundation

  • Sofía Pérez de Soto Foundation

  • Mineros Foundation

  • IDEA

  • Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

  • Medellín, Bello, Itagüí, Envigado municipalities

  • Club Rotario

  • Cruz Roja

  • John Restrepo y Cía. S.A.

  • SENA

  • Etc.


96% of the population supported by Interactuar’s services belongs to low income communities




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