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Pagos PSE

We guide you in building your micro enterprise with tailored services to achieve its long lasting.


Find in Interactuar training programs in high demanded areas, which seek to prepare those who wish to gain technical knowledge to perform in various professions, both for the creation or enhancement of their microenterprises and for joining to the labor market.

Business creation

It is time to consolidate your ideas. At Interactuar we offer you support in the creation of your company and its forecasting timeframe.With the programs that shape the Business creation service we guide you through advice and support to build, plan and develop your business idea.

Specialized advisory

Discover a distinctive experience with an intervention tailored to the needs of your micro-enterprise, in the areas that need to be strengthened. We have a team of specialist consultants who come to your workplace to discover the reality of your micro-enterprise and identify, taking into consideration your experience, the critical areas that influence the productivity and competitiveness of your business.

Food laboratory

For the entrepreneurs in the food sector, we offer our Food Lab. Through this service, a team of highly trained professionals will guide you in the consolidation of your products according to the law enforcement, guaranteeing the regulations compliance of processes, thus building consumer confidence and security.

Design center

This guidance seeks to support companies in building their brand, promoting and positioning it. Our comprehensive portfolio includes services that provide specific brand identity solutions that fit the reality of your business and make it more attractive and distinctive.


Auralac developed with intuition and passion, but it has grown with Interactuar. They came to stay and gave us the boost that has kept us up.